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Superior Artists Gallery

is  a cooperative of local artists with art work ranging from stained glass, paintings and reproductions in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel and mixed media; along with a variety of pottery, jewelry, metal sculpture, photography and original greeting cards. 



Mary Jo McHugh
October 12, 1958 - November 7, 2012

Mary Jo McHugh, age 54, of Drummond, passed away on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 in her home after a long struggle with breast cancer.  She was born Oct. 12, 1958, in St. Paul, Minn, the daughter of Richard and Rosemary (Jarvis) McHugh.

She leaves behind her loving family, Steve, Neil and Jenna.

Mary was a beloved and important member of Superior Artists Gallery and is greatly missed.  The following was read by Mary Methven at her Celebration of Life on November 17th, at the United Church of Christ in Cable, WI.


            The members of Superior Artist Gallery wanted me to say a few words about Mary’s involvement with our group.  I invite the other members to stand please.

            Mary joined Superior Artist Gallery, or SAG as we call it, back when we still had a store front in Washburn, perhaps 6 or 7 years ago. 

            I was president at the time and as such was delegated to approach Mary at a CBAC reception and asked her if she’d like to join our group.  We had seen her work and were impressed by it’s quality and after meeting her, were even more impressed by her personality, her positive attitude, calm nature and other endearing qualities.

            Mary was a perfect member of SAG, always willing to work at the gallery, which is what members did, and full of creative and positive suggestions for gallery operations and our art shows.

            For a time we had monthly art shows and receptions at the gallery featuring 2 or 3 of our members.  When Mary was in a show, her paintings sold like hot cakes.  I remember one particular benefactor who bought one or two originals at each show.  We often chuckled as we pictured his home and office covered in Mary McHugh originals.

             After we closed our store front we remained together as a group, gathering for pot lucks and organizing several art shows together each year.  Our last pot luck was in September of this year.

             Mary was a prolific painter.  If you look at her page on our gallery web site you’ll see over 120 paintings she did over the course of our years together.  She occasionally asked me, as webmaster, if I thought she should take off her sold paintings because she had so many on her page.  I’m glad we decided not to.  If you click on Past Shows you’ll see Mary’s involvement with our gallery since the beginning of 2006.

             Mary’s paintings were a reflection of herself.  She was happy and her artwork was joyful.  She was organized and her work was well composed.  She was calm and her work was tranquil.  Her personality sparkled and so did her work. 

             We know her as an artist and as a friend.  We will miss her vibrant and important presence in our gallery group.  All of us treasure our memories of times spent with Mary.  We will always miss her and remember her.


Calendar of Events 2012-2013
Check back often for more

Art Show in 2013

The next art show for the members of Superior Artists Gallery will be in June 2013 at the Washburn Cultural Center.  Check back for details. 

Annual Pot Luck

The members of Superior Artists Gallery gathered together for their annual pot luck at Jan Benson's house on Sunday, September 9, 2012.  All of the members were able to attend as well as past member and long time friend Laurie Otis.

Birgit Wolf, Jan Benson, Dora Kling, Mary McHugh

Jan McFarlane, Sara Balbin, Jan Benson, Dora Kling

Wendy Reese, Mary Methven, Laurie Otis

Mary McHugh, Royanne Goossen, Birgit Wolff


Members:  Jan McFarlane, Dora Kling, Mary Methven, Jan Benson, Birgit Wolff, Wendy Reese, Sara Balbin, Mary McHugh, Royanne Goossen

ART SHOW June 2 - June 30, 2012

9 Women Standing Tall, eclectic modes of artistry. 

Public Reception Thursday, June 14, 5 PM - 7 PM

Washburn Cultural Center
1 Bayfield Street
Washburn, Wisconsin

Cultural Center Hours:
Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 4PM

Photos of the reception

Back row:   Royanne Goossen, Sara Balbin, Dora Kling, Wendy Reese
Birgit Wolff, Jan MacFarlane, Mary McHugh, Mary Methven      Missing:  Jan Benson

Sara Balbin, Jan MacFarlane, Jan Benson, Royanne Goossen, Mary Methven, Wendy Reese,
Dora Kling, Birgit Wolff, Mary McHugh

Photos of the show



Kayakers Taking a Break -- Artist Mary McHugh


Flower Garden -- Artist Mary Methven


Come and Sit a Spell -- Artist Royanne Goossen


Sunrise on Chequamegan Bay -- Artist Royanne Goossen


History of the Superior Artists Gallery

            Every Thursday, eight women went to the Washburn Historical Museum and Cultural Arts Center, to paint pictures.  We called ourselves the Brownstone School of Art.  One of the group, Jan Benson, had been in a cooperative art gallery in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin.  The artists there bought shares of stock, filled out all the paperwork, and became a Cooperative.  This meant that they would do all the work, and bring in all the merchandise.  Together they rented the space and became an Art Gallery.  We adopted this plan of action.  Others artists joined in and we became the Superior Artists' Gallery as a Cooperative.  Now after ten years, we are still together, not as a building in Washburn, Wisconsin, but we opened a new door to the World Wide Web.  The name is still Superior, from Lake Superior where we live and work, Artist's Gallery.  Find our always open door here on our web site.


September 2009!

Our gallery in Washburn, Wisconsin closed on August 30, 2009 after 8 years of operation.  We hope you continue to visit us on the web.  You can make purchases of the art you find on our web site by emailing us at  Watch our web site for information about upcoming shows that the members of Superior Artists Gallery will be in, either individually or as a group. 

Superior Artists Gallery Members, September, 2009

back row  Dora Kling, Janice Benson, Birgit Wolff, Wendy Reese, Royanne Goossen and Mary Methven.
Front row  Mary Mc Hugh and Jan MacFarlane

Links of interest in our area

Local Chambers:
Washburn  --  Bayfield  --  Madeline Island

Local Galleries:

France Austin Miller Studio
, Bayfield, WI
Karlyn's Gallery, Washburn, WI
Art Beat, Hayward, WI
Artists Palette, Manitowish Waters, WI, Madeline Island, WI
Once in a Blue Moon Studio, Drummond, WI

Washburn Cultural Center, Washburn, WI

Local Theaters:

Big Top Chautauqua
Stage North



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